5 Ways To Personalize a Funeral

When planning a funeral, it is important to remember that funerals can be more than a solemn occasion - they can also be a celebration of life. Personalizing a funeral can be an important way to honor the deceased and bring comfort to those who are mourning. From meaningful eulogies to creative memorials, there are many ways to personalize a funeral to make it unique to the deceased and your family. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways to personalize a funeral.


  1. A Memory Table


Creating a Memory Table can be a meaningful way to personalize a funeral. This type of display is designed to show off special items that evoke memories of the person that passed and can be set up in the funeral home, at the graveside service, or near the casket. A Memory Table often includes photographs of family, friends, special occasions, mementos, a poem, or Bible verse. You may also include objects that represent the person's hobbies, passions, and lifestyle. For example, if they were a military veteran, you may add their medals or uniform to the table. If they had a certain religion, you may include a Bible or prayer book. The Memory Table can also provide a place for cremation urns or caskets if burial is not chosen. This can be a place for guests to reflect and remember their loved one and all the wonderful things about them.


  1. Photographs


One way to personalize a funeral is to use photographs of the deceased. Photos can capture special moments and bring back happy memories for those in attendance. Some great photos to include are those taken during a particularly joyful or memorable moment or those that show their personality or interests. They can be displayed around the venue and provide a comforting reminder of the life they lived and the joy they brought to others. Incorporating photos into a funeral is a great way to honor the life of someone who has passed away, helping those in mourning to come to terms with the death and find solace in the memories shared.


  1. Carefully Curated Music


Music can play an important role in a funeral service. Playing the songs that were important to the deceased can be a powerful way to honor their memory and celebrate their life. To make this happen, you need to consider what type of music the person loved to listen to. Think about any bands they were in to or their favorite solo artists. You should also ask family and friends to share what type of music was meaningful to them. 


If they were in a band or performed as a solo artist, it’s a great idea to incorporate their work into the ceremony. This will be particularly special for family and friends who may have shared memories associated with this music. If the person wrote their own songs, consider playing them during the ceremony, or even creating a memorial album as a tribute to their life.


  1. Special Eulogy


One way to honor a loved one who has passed is to allow friends and family to share memories of them. During the funeral service, friends and family can speak fondly about their memories of the person. This could include sharing meaningful eulogies about the deceased's impact on others, special memories that were shared, funny stories, or heartwarming moments. It can be a wonderful way for everyone to remember and reflect on times of joy. It is a chance for family and friends to express how much the deceased meant to them and give a personalized touch to the funeral.


  1. Favorite Food


Food has the power to bring us comfort and can be a great way to honor the deceased's memory. If the person had a favorite type of food, it can be a meaningful tribute to serve that cuisine at the funeral. For example, if they loved Italian food, you could provide an Italian buffet with all their favorite dishes. Or, if they were a fan of Mexican cuisine, burritos or tacos might be an appropriate option. If the person who passed away enjoyed cooking, it may be even more special to ask friends and family to bring a dish that was made from one of their recipes. That way, everyone can have a taste of their favorite meal. At McDougald Funeral Home, we have a gathering space for catering that will give you enough space to prepare food and serve those in attendance.



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